You'll find a little bit of Wapakoneta in Cadia

Director Cedric Gegel, at right, helps set up a shot at the Temple of Tolerance early Tuesday morning. Actor Rick Montgomery Jr. is seated; Wapakoneta resident Haylee Bryars is pictured in the center. Also part of the crew are Nik Englehart, wearing the headphones, and cameraman Daniel Stemen. Not pictured but on set was Ashton Francis.
Deb Zwez

Her voice is quiet in the early morning.

“Scene 73, take one,” is heard and the clapperboard claps.

“Sound?” Haylee Bryars continues.

“Speeding,” responds Nik Engelhart, headphones in place and boom in hand.

“Camera?” Bryars asks.

“Rolling,” answers camera man Daniel Stemen.

There’s a pause as the world outside the Temple of Tolerance quiets.

“Action,” calls Cedric Gegel.

Rick Montgomery Jr. is the actor is the scene; he says his lines, there’s a pause and Gegel calls “cut.”

And then they do it again.

Gegel and crew were filming a scene from Cadia: The World Within early Tuesday morning at Jim Bowsher’s rock garden, also know as the Temple of Tolerance. The five-person crew, along with Montgomery, spent the morning...

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