WMS student enjoys the K-9 experience

Deb Zwez

What began as an idea to help raise some funds for a future need came full circle Wednesday when Addison Krouse spent the day immersed in the K-9 experience. And she said it was, “Amazing.”

Krouse won the K-9 experience when her ticket was drawn raffle held in October that gave away the K-9 experience. WMS Ambassadors, a group of students who were formed to welcome new students to the middle school, sponsored the fund-raising raffle with the proceeds going to the Wapakoneta Police Department to purchase a new K9 officer when that time comes.

Guidance Counselor Mark Koch was chatting with Joseph Welker, the city’s K-9 handler when it came up that the current canine officer — Rico — is nearing retirement age.

Wednesday Welker said he found it “wonderful” the students wanted to get involved in this kind of project.

“It’s not just the community, it’s kids who wanted to be a part of helping the police department,” Welker said. “These kids can look back down the road and say ‘I had a part in this.’ This shows real pride in their community.”

Welker said Rico is 9-years-old and more than likely has...

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