WHS top student to study at ONU

One of the Wapakoneta High School’s top five students has a line of pharmacists in her family — and that is what she plans to study after high school.

Senior Michelle Mosler will soon be sporting her cap and gown at the Wapakoneta High School Class of 2012 graduation ceremony, as she says goodbye to one chapter in her life and gets ready to open another.

“I like science and everyone in my family is a pharmacist,” Mosler said.

Mosler plans to attend Ohio Northern University in the fall to study for her degree in pharmacy — a career in which her parents, Stephanie and Joseph, and her brother, Charlie, and sister, Jennie, are all involved in.

When asked if she would return to Wapakoneta after college, she said she could see herself moving back home, but she also remarked she may venture elsewhere.

“It depends what happens,” Mosler said. “I may come back, but I’m not sure.”

Mosler, who enjoys the small town atmosphere, said she will miss her family, friends and the atmosphere of high school the most when she moves away this fall to college.

While in high school, Mosler ran cross country and track and participated in the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, National Honors Society and the Octagon Club.

“Cross country and track are just fun,” Mosler said. “It’s something I like to do and it’s good experience.”

While being a member of the Octagon Club, Mosler helped clean up the stadium and would visit The Gardens of Wapakoneta and visit with residents and do crafts.

Mosler’s favorite classes in high school were chemistry and biology, because she enjoys the teachers and these classes will apply to her major in college.

Mosler said her most inspirational teacher is Julie Courter, who teaches computer classes, accounting and finance.

“She’s relatable,” Mosler said. “She’s always there, and she’s understanding.”

Mosler took sign language, which was an interactive class offered through the high school, and Courter was her adviser for that during her sophomore and junior years.

Mosler said she is nervous to give her speech during graduation, but she is ready to be done and start a new chapter in her life.

“I’m ready to move on,” Mosler said. “I’m looking forward to becoming more independent and moving on to the next step in life and preparing for my future.”