WaterPark sees record attendance

Staff photo/Laura Germann: Gabrielle Huelskamp, left, and Alexis Foxnaugh enjoy some snacks the Wapakoneta WaterPark on its last day Sunday.
Staff Writer

Thanks to good weather and record-breaking attendance, the Wapakoneta WaterPark saw its second best year ever this summer.
The WaterPark’s last day was Sunday, and according to WaterPark Director Jack Hayzlett, the park’s revenue and attendance were its second best in the nine years it’s been open.
The WaterPark saw a total attendance of about 65,000 this year, Hayzlett said, and the record for most attendance in one day was broken in June, now setting the bar at 2,023 people. In comparison, last year’s total attendance was only about 50,000. Revenue is expected to be about $250,000 for the season as well.
“It’s been a fantastic year for us after three years of being down,” Hayzlett said. “The last three years, the weather has been not the greatest for the WaterPark so we’re glad to have a great season this year.”
Weather played a big part in the season’s success, Hayzlett said, as the weather this year was more suitable “pool weather” than in previous years.
“I think people were ready to get out because of the last three summers, it just hasn’t been ideal for the WaterPark,” he said. “It’s been nice weather to be outside but not really to be at the WaterPark.”
The life guard situation worked out pretty well also, Hayzlett noted.
“Everybody worked hard and signed up for their hours and did everything they were supposed to do so our guard situation really is pretty good,” he said.

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