Wapakoneta veteran leaves memento in Vietnam

Deb Zwez

Ralph Reynolds is very clear that he did what he did for humanitarian reasons.

“I did it for the MIAs, the POWs who didn’t come home,” the Vietnam War veteran said. “I didn’t do it for myself or the government or for any other reason.”

Reynolds is recently back home in Wapakoneta after a trip to Vietnam where he was successful in his mission to leave a memento honoring the soldiers who didn’t come home from the war in that country.

Reynolds, his wife and a group of veterans visited the “Hanoi Hilton,” the former prison that housed U.S prisoners of the Vietnam War. It was during a visit to the museum there Reynolds took a chance and asked to meet with the government officials who run the facility.

Reynolds was carrying a medal, issued by the U.S. government that is given to all past Prisoners of War and/or soldiers declared Missing In Action for all wars. His plan was to...

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