Wapakoneta urged to clean up tree lawns, streets

Deb Zwez

Wapakoneta City Council’s Streets and Alley Committee members are making a public plea to local property owners to clean up their act, and they want city officials to also answer that request.

Weed control was discussed Monday during the group’s meeting, specifically in tree lawns and weeds growing in streets and along city property near bridges and other roadways.

Residents who allow their lawn clippings blow into the streets are the major culprits when it comes to polluting roadways with weeds, committee member Rod Metz said.

“People blowing grass clippings into the street; that’s where it gets started,” he said. Those clippings are not only unsightly, they can also clog storm sewer grates and add to the deterioration of curbs and gutters, he said.

“My biggest beef is our property, the city’s property,” Jim Neumeier, also a committee member, said. “The weeds along the bridges are really out of control.”

He asked committee chairman Chad Doll to ask city administrators to encourage...

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