Wapakoneta CYO boys top NorthStar, girls lose


The Maroon boys CYO team took to the court Sunday evening and defeated NorthStar 59-47 in their first basketball game of the season.

Leading scorer for the Maroon squad was Austin Scott, who netted 15 points on the evening. 

The match was fairly even in the first quarter, with both teams knotted at 15 a piece, but the second quarter belonged to the Maroon team. 

Allowing just 6 points in the second quarter to the NorthStar squad, the defense was stifling. 

The Maroon squad scored 18 points in that second quarter to extend the halftime lead to 33-21.

In the third quarter, both teams continues to score, with the Maroon team maintaining a steady lead. In the final period, both teams were held to 10 points a piece, making the final score 59-47.

Scott was the leading scorer for the team, but Bobby Crow was close behind with 13 points for the Maroon squad. 

Brad Severt added 11 crucial points to the Maroon total. Drew Wayman had six points. Alex Gossard netted five points, and Joe Pitts netted three points.


The girls Maroon CYO squad had a difficult time Sunday evening scoring the ball, leading to a 42-16 loss to the Montezuma squad.

Leading scorer for the Maroon team was Jenna Sawmiller, who scored 10 of the total 16 points on the evening. The halftime score was respectable, with the score only 10-20, and the girls still had a chance. 

However, a dismal third quarter took the Maroon squad out of contention.  

The Maroon team was only able to net a single point on a free throw in that third quarter.

Julia Keiser had three points on the evening, and Seirs Stanley also added three points.