A vital cause

The Red Cross visited Wapakoneta on Thursday to host its regularly scheduled blood drive at St. Paul United Church of Christ.

“There are people in need of blood at all times,” Red Cross Volunteer Susan Myers said, which is the reason Wapakoneta hosts six blood drives throughout the year.

The blood that was donated on Thursday will be transported to Fort Wayne, where it will be distributed throughout different hospitals.

People are always in need of blood, Myers said, naming car accidents, cancer treatments and other operations that would not be possible without blood donations.

“We’ve had more than expected the day after Christmas,” Myers said, appreciative of the donors who made time to visit the church and donate blood.

While some donors have more nerves than others about the needles, most of them brought their own ways of coping and donating to the cause.

Lynn King, 49, ofWapakoneta, said she has the courage it takes to donate blood.

“I’ve had two kids,” King said. “I think I can donate blood.”

She said she is not afraid of needles, but she also reminds herself not to look as the blood is drawn. She said she donates because she is giving back to the community.

“You’re saving someone’s life — giving blood to someone who might need it,” King said.

Jenette Stanffer, 44, of Uniopolis, said she understood the need for blood donations.

“I’ve been giving blood since I was 18,” she said. “It’s just a worthy cause because people need blood on a daily basis.”

Stanffer said she has persuaded her 18-year-old son to donate blood, as well, and they try to come on a regular basis.

For others who need persuading, Stanffer suggested thinking about those in need of the blood.

“If they could just get past the needles and think about the people they could actually help,” Stanfer said.

While the act of donating blood is a kindness most donors give because they believe in their cause, the Red Cross and the community tries to help make the process as easy as possible.

Myers said this particular blood drive gave a gift to each donor — a 2 ounce brick of Dunkin’ Donut coffee and a coupon for a free pound of coffee.

At every blood drive, Myers said various church organizations will donate cookies and juice as refreshments to donors after giving blood.

The next scheduled blood drive in Wapakoneta will be held from 11:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 20 at St. Paul United Church of Christ.