Village expands across I-75

Dave Vorhees
Staff Writer

CRIDERSVILLE — The village On Monday the Cridersville village council voted to adopt ordinance 1676 which officially annexes the nearly 120 acres of land just east of Interstate 75. The parcel of land will be used by Triskele, a gun manufacturing company, as the future site of a gun club.
Another order of business was the passing of ordinance 1677 which amends the Village of Cridersville existing zoning code in the description on guns and the firing of guns inside the village corporation. The new code:
• Adds "shooting sports" to the definition of "commercial recreation facilities.
• Adds and defines "shooting sports" as " the act of firing a gun, bow, or similar device at an outdoor or indoor range or course within a business setting" to the definitions.
• Adds the use of "commercial recreational facilities" under the "retail commercial and services uses" and lists it as a "principal use" under the commercial district.
• Adds "commercial recreation facilities."
• Amends district zoning map to include certain parcels as commercial in a commercial district.
The council was also informed on a 10 percent matching grant they received from $147,776 from the Ohio Public Works Commission for the 2017 pavement resurfacing projects. The village will be required to pay $15,754 to match the grant. According to Village Administrator Jarid Kohlrieser, Buehler Asphalt will begin working soon and will be all over town working on streets like Meadowbrook Boulevard, Seneca Avenue, Oak Street, Carlisle Street and others as necessary...

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