Vietnam veteran turns back clock

Gary Horn answers questions during his visit to Waynesfield-Goshen Elementary School on Tuesday. Horn, a Waynesfield native, served in the Air Force in Vietnam and Korea as a dog handler.
Staff Writer

Third graders at Waynesfield-Goshen Elementary got a firsthand look at history on Tuesday, as the school hosted a special guest with quite the story to tell.

Gary Horn, a Waynesfield native and Air Force veteran, shared his experiences as a K-9 handler with the 366th SPS in the Vietnam War.

Horn, along with his dogs, Buddy and Hercules, patrolled the perimeters of military bases, first in Korea, then in Vietnam.

"That was the first line of detection," Horn said. "We worked all night, in the hours of darkness, and patrolled 200 to 300 meters each. You had guard towers behind you and you were out in front [of the base]. They cleared the area with agent orange and bulldozers and all that stuff, so there was a clearing, and then there was the tree line beyond that."

Their job: Keeping out the...

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