Vehicle parking ordinance to be clarified

Cridersville — At a regular village council meeting, concerned Cridersville residents brought council members' attention to a recreational vehicle parked on their neighbor's property.
"Residents from the community feel that this individual is not following that ordinance," Cridersville Mayor Lorali Myers said. "There is an opportunity for the language in that ordinance to be clarified."
A planning meeting has been set for discussion of the recreational vehicle's temporary parking in the driveway on Wednesday, following a finance meeting set for 7:30 p.m.
"It will be determined whether this needs to be taken any further," Myers said.
During the planning meeting, council members will also discuss the relocation of a large flower pot currently located within the village.
Also during the regular meeting, Cridersville Police Chief John Drake announced the old police cruiser was sold for $9,500 and the police department is anticipating the new 2014 Ford Police Intercepter SUV in February.
"We try to upgrade cars every 3-4 years," Drake said, noting the price benefits of selling a cruiser before adding too many miles.
The next regular village council meeting is scheduled into the new year, on Jan. 13.
"2013 has been another year of success for the village," Myers said. "We weathered several weather events that we certainly persevered and that makes us a stronger community. Council is wishing happy holidays and we're looking forward to 2014."