Vaccine policy now necessary

Policies for the medical management of vaccine reactions in adult patients is now necessary.
Annual updates to the information were released in April.
“Last month we approved the new child and teen ones, now its time to approve the one for adults,” Auglaize County Nursing Supervisor Cindy Jones said as she recommended the approval to the Auglaize County Health Board members.
The three-part recommendations are approved every year.
Jones said the information addresses at what age shots should be given or should start as well as intervals and other details about vaccinations that do change periodically.
Specifically, the adult medical management information addresses how to recognize local reactions versus larger ones.
“We do see a lot of syncope (the medical term for fainting),” Jones said of reactions to vaccines.
She said the syncope is particularly common in adolescents.
“They get themselves pretty worked up,” Jones said.
She said the Auglaize County Health Department now has a policy of laying them down on an exam table before administering a vaccine.
“We have them stay in the observation room for 15 minutes after to make sure they are OK before they leave,” Jones said.
She reported its been a problem for those who let nerves get to them, skip a meal beforehand or have been outside or strenuously exercising.
“We have to watch carefully,” Jones said.
She said some of the updates in the medical management of vaccine reactions include recommendations by the Ohio Department of Health as well as recommendations by manufacturers of a couple vaccines.