Unkempt property has councilman seeing red

Deb Zwez

Tempers flared Monday during the Cridersville Village Council meeting over an unkempt property.

A village councilman is incensed local law enforcement hasn’t taken any definitive action against Rulon Smith and the LLC that wants to build the gun club project on the east side of Interstate 75. The village that recently annexed that property to allow extension of utilities.

Frank Oen took issue with Police Chief John Drake during the meeting, saying again and again it should not have to take so long for action to be taken against the violators. Oen cited what he said was Cridersville “code” about the penalty attached to not maintaining a property and said the owners should have been fined $100 a day for each day of the violation.

“They’re getting special treatment,” Oen claimed. “It should have never taken this long. How come he’s (Drake) showing favoritism.”

Drake tried to assure the councilman he wasn’t showing favoritism and said he had a...

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