Trooper promoted at Wapak post

A recently-promoted sergeant will be transferring to the Wapakoneta Ohio State Highway Patrol Post to serve as assistant post commander.

Sergeant Jeremy D. Allen, who most recently served as a trooper in Marysville, said his main focus is on benefitting the community.

“What can I do to contribute to a safer Ohio?” Allen said. “That’s what we all strive to do. We’re very mission-oriented.”

Allen began his patrol career in September of 2000 as a member of the 136th Academy Class. He earned his commission in March of the following year and was assigned to the Findlay Patrol Post. In 2004, Allen transferred to the Marysville Patrol Post.

“It’s just a matter of learning this system compared to what we have in Marysville,” Allen said, noting how he is familiarizing himself with the county.

Allen said he is making the adjustment from being a trooper to being a sergeant.

“As a sergeant, I have a shift of three or four guys I take care of and I supervise,” Allen said.
While he will still be “working the road,” Allen said there are more administrative duties as a sergeant.

Allen said he has always known he wanted to work with the patrol.

“In eighth grade, we had to put what we were going to be doing 10 years from now,” Allen said. “When I was thirteen, I said I wanted to be either a state trooper in Ohio or a ranger in Montana. This is it — this is what I’ve always wanted to do.”

Allen said he knew a state trooper in his youth who served as a mentor.

“To me, that’s what law enforcement was — a state trooper,” Allen said.

Allen graduated from Ben-Logan High School. Before working with the patrol, Allen said he worked as a hunting guide for a hunting club outside of Bellefontaine, where he resides.

After that, he worked in the maintenance department at Honda research and development.

After five years of working as a trooper, Allen said he had the opportunity to begin the promotion process. After taking leadership classes, a promotion-readiness interview and assessments — a year-long process — Allen was promoted to sergeant.

“Ultimately, I’d like to be a a post commander,” Allen said. “Then after that we’ll see what happens. I’m not going to limit myself.”

Allen has been married to his wife, Angel, for 15 years. They have four sons, Garett, 13, Trey, 10, Kameron, 9, and Xavier, 4.