Train derails

The wheel from a train that derailed near South Main Street in Buckland was put back on the tracks Wednesday. No injuries were reported.

The track and train are owned and operated by R.J. Corman Railroad Company based in Nicholasville, Ky. The company’s St. Marys Line, which is part of the company’s Western Ohio Line, runs between Lima and Portland, Ind.

“It was weather related,” said an R.J. Corman Railroad Company Division manager, who would only give his first name, Clark. He noted that the combination of the elements causes issues in outdoor work environments. The R.J. Corman website lists the line’s division manager as Clark Rasneor, with a Celina address that corresponds to the R.J. Corman Distribution Center and Material Sales yard.

Although the exact cause of the malfunction is unknown, Rasneor said issues are to be expected under the weather conditions that have occurred in the area the past few days.

“The cold and conditions make it a little bit more treacherous,” Rasneor said.

Rasneor said he has never had a wheel come off of the tracks before, but it is not cause for concern.

Rasneor said repairs were made on site.

“Everything just moves slow, and we have to deal with this and things that don’t normally happen in weather like this,” Rasneor said.