Theater inspires WHS students

“Fall, Macbeth,” WHS senior Wyatt Harrison said as he drew his sword on the final scene of the Shakespearean play, Macbeth. Harrison was performing the part of antagonist Lord Macduff during the Wapakoneta High School’s Shakespearean acting classes last week.
Great Lakes Theater Festival Actors Chennelle Bryant-Harris and Michael Silverstein visited the high school every day of the week, introducing many students to the world of theater.
All Wapakoneta senior English classes got involved with acting week, acting out scenes from Macbeth.
Harrison, 18, said he appreciated the actors coming to the school.
“This has probably been my favorite week in all my years in high school,” Harrison said.
Harrison said he enjoys reading stories and books, but, for him, being able to act out the scenes really brings the story to life.
Harrison is involved in the music program at the school and has been in multiple WHS shows. He said he fell in love with musicals and theater in his freshman year.
“I want to continue with the arts somewhere in broadway,” Harrison said. “If I can make it, it would be a dream come true.”
WHS English teacher Linda Temple, who has been organizing the acting week for a years, said she enjoys having the actors come to the high school.
“They are so very well-trained, both as actors and teachers,” Temple said.
Temple said the actors are given training on, not only acting, but, also, time management and other skills necessary for a school setting.
She said the students respond well to the actors who get them immersed in the action and drama of the play.
For more information, see the Saturday, Dec. 7 edition of the Wapakoneta Daily News.