Survey says: Status quo for refuse

Managing Editor

The results of the city's survey of how Wapakoneta residents want their trash and recycling handled shows residents prefer to keep things the way they are. Still, a few changes will be needed, notably an increase in the monthly fee for collection.

Utilities Committee Chair Rodney Metz said about 5,000 surveys were sent out in February. Although 746 were returned, councilors believe those who did not respond are happy with the current situation.

The issue arose from concerns some residents had about the current bag system and wanted the city to contract with an outside company to collect trash using totes. The survey was sent out with the utility bills. Approximately 1,000 were sent to "electric use" customers only because of the difficulty of sorting recipients. The remaining 4,000 recipients were consumers of all city utilities.

Of those 746 who responded, the clear majority prefer...

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