Students see wild side of reading

If you happened to be inside Wapakoneta Elementary School on Wednesday, you would have noticed students clad in camouflage running from a snake pit to a bear’s den and then to a crocodile swamp.

OK, so there weren’t really snake pits or bear dens or crocodile swamps at an elementary school. These were all decorations put up by the school as part of its Right to Read week, where students do various activities with the final goal of teaching students that reading is fun.

The animal lairs were part of a scavenger hunt that sent students around the school collecting various items such as crocodile teeth (marshmallows) and elephant tusks (vanilla wafers.) At the end of the scavenger hunt, students read “The Water Hole” by Graeme Base and watched an episode of “The Magic School Bus” about the rain forest.

These activities were all centered around this year’s theme, “the wild side of reading.”

“It’s a week full of activities to get children excited about reading,” WES reading teacher Kelli Grieshop said.

For the full story, see the Friday, Jan. 31 edition of the Wapakoneta Daily News.