Stone and concrete prices stay stable

Concrete and aggregate prices for 2013 remain relatively the same as last year, while the income paying for them continues to drop.

Bids for concrete came in at $85, the same as last year, from low bidder Spring Creek Concrete, of Minster.

Other bids were $87.45 from Quality Ready Mix, of St. Marys; $98.25 from Ernst Concrete, of Lima; and $101.50 from Ohio Ready Mix, of Huntsville.

“Concrete came in at basically the same price as last year,” Auglaize County Engineer’s Office Chief Deputy Gary Kuck said.

The concrete is used in the construction of bridge beams and three-sided boxes poured by county crews.

Submitting bids for aggregate stone were National Lime and Stone company, of Wapakoneta; Con-Ag, of St. Marys; and Duff Quarry, of Huntsville.

Bids for the stone ranged from $6.65 to $9.45 from National, $6.35 to $8 from Con-Ag, and $8.50 to $9.50 from Duff, based on the type.

A less expensive type of aggregate is used for paving brimstone, while the more expensive type is used in the county’s chip and seal program.

“Some went up and some softened a little bit,” Kuck said. “There were some changes both ways.”

He said all-in-all costs across the board remained pretty stable.

The Engineer’s Office accepts all bids and then uses them as needed for projects throughout the year. A lot of it depends on where projects are in relation to where the materials are coming from, as trucking costs are factored into the price.

“Usually we use one based where the project is,” Kuck said. “It depends on where we are located and what we are doing at the time.”

He said he wasn’t sure how prices would be this year, but expected them to go up at least some.

“Fuel has bounced around some and everything seems to inch up,” Kuck said.

In 2006, bids across the board were lower, ranging from $5 to $5.65 for aggregate and $78 for concrete. Kuck said the problem is their income is lower now than it was seven years ago.

“Our buying power is getting less and less,” Kuck said, explaining that it is something everyone is seeing.