Some up in arms over gun shop

Managing Editor

Mayor Tim Detty told council Wednesday that a new store may be opening soon in the village.

Detty said a sheriff’s deputy approached him recently about a gun store proposed for 101 High St. and asked the mayor what the zoning was for that property.

Getty said he told him the village has yet to complete its zoning regulations.

Village Solicitor James Hearn said the gun shop would be grandfathered in.

Detty said the shop would offer sale and repair of guns.

The idea of the shop raised a few safety and concerns. Since the shop would be operated out of the garage, whether that structure is secure enough was also an issue. Overall, its presence in a prominently residential area of the village was the major concern.

“Well, we just want to make the public aware of the situation and let them know that we are aware of it, too,” Detty said.

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