Snowballs kick off Holiday

Skaters enjoy the rink and the "Snowflakes" provided by a snowmaking mahine just befire the annual Snowball Drop at the Children's Hometown Holiday.
Managing Editor

Maybe it’s just a matter of technique, but this year’s snowballs didn’t rain down on the waiting children. It poured. Which, converse to talk about the weather, the action was actually slower. Whether it was better or not is solely left for five year-olds to decide.

It was all good fun to kick off the annual Children’s Hometown Holiday.

Whereas in previous years, several trash bags full of ping pong balls were dumped out on the crowd, this time they were gently poured.

As the snowball drop grows, which it has each year since it started two years ago, snowball chasers will probably see a variety of techniques for “the drop.”

Either way, children love it. They scurry around trying to collect a ball with a different number. They are allowed up to six, which means they get six prizes at the TSC garage after the drop.

While over picking up their prizes, Rodeo...

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