Sisters, brother share commonalities and differences

CRIDERSVILLE — Sometimes the Craft siblings get along, but sometimes they don’t — just like they like to do a lot of the same things, but not always.
“I don’t like being in the middle, both of them are mean,” Bill, who celebrated his 8th birthday on Friday, said with a snicker.
After he said one thing and his older sister said another he said they like to argue with him.
His sisters, Rachel, 9, and Sara, 6, like to look on the sunny side of life and say they do not argue a lot.
Of course fourth-grader Rachel said she likes being the big sister so she doesn’t get bossed around and first-grader Sara said its cool being the youngest because she gets her way.
Both with pink streaks in their hair, Sara looks up to her sister and doing a lot of what she does.
“We dance and sing,” Rachel said. “Bill plays the Wii and legos.”
An older 18-year-old sister is away at college.
The two younger sisters often find themselves playing house, that is when Rachel isn’t listening to music.
“I love to turn on the music channel and dance and sing,” Rachel said.
The list of songs and artists she likes is long and includes “Moves Like Jagger” and “OMG,” and Katy Perry, Big Time Rush, Usher, Justin Bieber, and Selena Gomez, respectively.
The girls also play Cooking Mama, Babysitting Mama, and Just Dance on the Wii.
Sara also likes to play Barbies, while Rachel prefers the Nintendo DS.
“I like to sit around and watch TV,” said Bill, whose favorite show is “Spongebob Square Pants.”
He also plays Spider Solitaire and other games on the computer with his father and likes to make things out of paper, most recently an airplane. Outside he enjoys jumping ramps on his bike and riding four-wheelers with his friends.
As for music, Bill prefers rock’n’roll, while he said his older sister likes softer music.
“I don’t like doing things with them, they always like to do girl stuff,” Bill said.
All three do admit to having something in common though — watching “Survivor.”
“We’ve watched it for several years,” Bill said.
Rachel shared that they started watching it with their mother.
“We like the competitions,” chimed in Sara.
They all took turns describing a recent one where contestants had to bite off pieces of meat from a pig and be the first to fill a basket. The second-place team lost by 2 ounces.
“We wanted the red team to win, but the blue team won,” the Crafts said in unison.
Chicken soft tacos and chicken nuggets top all three kids’ lists of favorite foods and Bill just ended his football season with the Cridersville Rams for which Rachel cheered. Sara will be able to cheer next year, too.
They also swam for the Wapak Waves swim team and raced with all four strokes, which they are quick to demonstrate out of the water.
The Cridersville Elementary School students are pondering their Halloween costumes, with Bill thinking about how he can use clothes he has to dress like a gangster and Rachel wanting to be a vampire, while Sara is hoping to look a little prettier as a princess.
In school, Bill likes math, Rachel likes learning new things and Sara enjoys playing at recess.
The two sisters are hoping to grow up and become teachers while Bill wants to be an FBI agent.
The children of Laurie and Ben Craft are scouts, where Bill enjoys shooting BB guns and Sara is looking forward to the snacks.