Sidewalk photos could help erase ambiguity

Deb Zwez

Without a discussion about unfinished business, Monday’s 30-minute council meeting would have ended after half that amount of time.

Councilman Terry Campbell told his fellow councilors he has been working with the city’s engineering department and resident Matt Schmalenberger on the sidewalk issue the resident brought to council last month.

Schmalenberger, he reminded councilors, attended the June 18 meeting to discuss what he felt were ambiguous requirements to have sidewalks replaced, as well as questioning the actual replacement process happening at his property where a curb did not separate the sidewalk from the street.

As far as trying to be less ambiguous about replacement criteria, Campbell said he’s suggested the engineering department start a photo library of sidewalks to note their deterioration and disintegration. Sometimes, Campbell said, those measurable reasons to replace a sidewalk are hard to put into words. With photos, he said, city officials can show examples of sidewalks that need to be replaced, thus lessening the ambiguity of the process.

Councilman Chad Doll asked Campbell to share...

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