Sheriff: No easy answer to question of arming teachers

Chelsea Luebrecht
Staff Writer

In the wake of the most recent school shooting, there has been talk of arming teachers as a method of response.

The Wapakoneta Daily News recently spoke with Auglaize County Sheriff Allen Solomon about his opinion on arming teachers.

“The first thought is — and it's a lot of people's thoughts — is there's no easy answer,” he said. “The obvious way to make sure our kids are safe is to one entry into the schools, have a deputy or police officer stand there at that entryway … There's no foolproof way to do this.”

Solomon noted he was not completely in favor of arming teachers.

“I have wavered on that a little bit because there's all kinds of talk with the legislators,” he said. “If there's money for training, not that concealed carry is not good, but beyond that training. Intensive training.”

It's understandable why some schools in the county are...

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