Rudd-Yocum is a bright spot in city

Staff Writer

On just about any weekday morning, you can find Jim Kohler out at the Rudd-Yocum Corner Garden in Wapakoneta.

Together with Lois Marker, the pair of Roots and Shoots Club members have revitalized the once neglected garden that was donated to the city in the early 1990s.

"It was all weeds and everything else, dead bushes, weeds up to your knees," Kohler said. "Peggy, my wife, would get so mad at me. We'd be going up to Lima to go grocery shopping and we'd drive by and she'd say, 'would you keep your eyes on the road?'"

Since taking over the small plot of land–located on the corner of Defiance Street and Hamilton Road –in 2013, Kohler and Marker have transformed the garden, a goal that the likeminded gardeners developed simultaneously.

One day, while...

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