Response team gets new gear

Dave Vorhees
Staff Writer

The Wapakoneta Police Department received some big help from Scott Moell, owner of Wapakoneta and Celina Arby's, and Jeremy Kuhn, owner of IC Signs, who donated time and money to help the fepartment get its Emergency Response Team ready.
Moell donated over $12,500 for the purchase of the equipment for the ERT. The equipment, such as a police ballistic shield, higher level tactical vest, ballistic helmets, non-sparking entry tools and all kinds of devices, like pepper spray and tear gas grenades that the officers will need to cake care of the situations they may encounter.
"This is something the police department has been working on for awhile," Moell said. “We are happy to help make it a reality."
The police department was able to buy an old ambulance from the Wapakoneta Fire Department and turn it into the ERT response vehicle. To help with the conversion, IC SIgns donated time and a $1,000 to re-letter, re-sticker and prepare the vehicle for its new role...

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