Researcher uncovers secrets of Fort Amanda

Dave Vorhees
Staff Writer

Until recently the historical accuracy behind the construction of Fort Amanda was shrouded in mystery. That was until David Johnson took up the research into one of western Ohio's more famous forts.
In Johnson's new book "Fort Amanda - A Historical Redress,” he says that through solid research he found that the fort is actually 20 years older than previously believed. He also states that a Lt. Col. Robert Pogue, and not Col. Thomas Poage, was the real builder of the fort.
According to Johnson most historians who wrote about Fort Amanda claimed not only that Col Thomas Poage was the man responsible for the fort's construction but also that all military documents about the fort were destroyed when the British burned Washington D.C. in 1812. Johnson points out that not only are these falsehoods but also provides other documentation in the book to back up his claims...

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