Rep. Jim Jordan speaks at Sertoma

Rep. Jim Jordan speaks with members of the Wapakoneta Sertoma Club on Wednesday afternoon at Astro Lanes.
Bob Tomaszewski
Staff Writer

At the Sertoma Club meeting at Astro Lanes, Jim Jordan talked about problems he sees in the rhetoric on the left.

“Cheering on Kapernick, Cheering on Cuomo when he says America was never that great, and they cheer on Maxine Waters when she says go out and harass anyone who supports the president. That’s todays left.” He said the left will try to raise taxes, abolish I.C.E., not build a wall for border security, socialize medicine, as well as try to impeach the president.

Jordan then contrasted those promises with what he sees as accomplishments achieved under the leadership of Donald Trump including deregulation, leaving the Iran deal and unemployment rates.
“You would not know one of those things if you watched CNN that all happened in spite of the main stream media,” he said.

Fear of...

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