Refuse, recycling takes center stage

Managing Editor

Trash collection and recycling dominated much of the discussion at Monday’s meeting of the Wapakoneta City Council.

First Ward Councilman James Neumeier said he has received a few calls on the topic and was wondering what the status was Utilities Committee Chair Rodney Metz said the issue was discussed at a couple of committee meetings, but more information is needed.

“In order to move forward with it, or not move forward with it, I think it’s probably time for some public hearings so we can actually hear what people want,” Mayor Tom Stinebaugh said. “They need to know the facts of the cash flow, or lack of cash flow for our system.”

Safety-Service Director Chad Scott advised that the trucks used for recycling and trash are in poor shape.

“I think we owe it to everybody that we get it all out in the open and do a comparison,” Neumeier said.

Metz said he will compile a list of factors and questions that need to be answered so a public hearing on the issue can be scheduled.

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