Refuge from refuse: Department will stay in house

Deb Zwez

After months of meetings and discussions, calculations and averages, phone calls and then more meetings, Wapakoneta City Council’s Utility Committee will recommend to their fellow councilors to keep the city refuse and recycling department in house, raise the monthly fee from $11 to $13, and offer totes to residents who would prefer those to the bag system after an equitable charge for their use has been determined.

The $2 increase will be earmarked into a special line item to be used to pay for three new trucks for the department. The recommendation ends a months-long debate on whether to accept a bid from Wright Refuse in Lima to contract for outsourcing residential refuse and recyling.

Utility committee members met Thursday and spent the better part of the hour-long meeting running the numbers and debating whether residents took into account purchasing the city’s trash bags when completing a cost analysis of keeping the department status quo vs. outsourcing the service.

Councilman Terry Campbell didn’t think...

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