Recipe for success at downtown City Bakery

Perhaps the biggest obstacle Paul Eisert will have to face as he starts his new venture will be the jokes about law enforcement and donuts.

All jokes aside, the long-time Auglaize County Sheriff’s Office deputy and his wife, Kathy Eisert, have purchased the building at 20 W. Auglaize St., that houses City Bakery. Eisert said he and his wife plan the donut shop much like area customers have grown accustomed to through the years.

Eisert said they plan to keep all of the old favorites that people have grown accustomed to at the bakery.

“Our biggest goal is to accommodate the customer,” Eisert said. “If people don’t see it on the shelf, we want them to ask. We may have it in the back. If we don’t have it, ask and we will make it for you.”

While still offering the same items, Eisert said they plan to also offer new items, such as cookies, brownies, pies, and other special items during holidays or other special items for special days. His sister-in-law, Deb Seitz, has joined the crew and is also working at the bakery.

Eisert also said the bakery will be able to accommodate larger organizations.

“Let us know a couple of days ahead, and we can have it ready for you,” Eisert said.

The bakery has been housed at the location since 1885, and was operated by the Sidel family since the 1970s.

Eisert, who retired from his job as a deputy five years ago, said he spent much of the last 15 years transporting people incarcerated at the Auglaize County Jail.

His family’s new venture will be a completely different line of work, and Eisert said it will help fulfill a lifelong dream.

“It’s been something my wife has wanted to do,” Eisert said. “She just loves to bake. She entered to baking contest at the Pumpkin Festival and got second place with her pie, so she knows what to do.”

Kathy also attended a baking school recently in Norwick, Vt.

Julia and Keith Sidel bought the bakery then and their son, Rod Sidel, has operated it ever since other than a brief period in which it was closed from July to November 2011.

The Eiserts completed the purchase of the building and officially opened the store Feb. 19.

“Everything has been great so far,” Eisert said.

Eisert said everything will be made fresh daily. To better accommodate customers, the bakery has added Monday to its hours and will now be open from Monday through Saturday from 5 a.m. to noon. The bakery previously had been closed on Mondays.