Pratt keeps rumors at bay

Deb Zwez

When one hears the words “paper mill,” thoughts might go straight to the horror stories of the smells associated with such a facility. That’s not the case for the new paper mill in Wapakoneta.

“I can’t say there’s not a smell,” said Steve Bartocci, manufacturing manager at Pratt Industries. “I think it smells like money.”

The new paper mill being built by Pratt Industries in Wapakoneta’s industrial park is not a virgin mill, where a chemical process helps break down fibers to produce paper.

“It’s not a Chillicothe mill,” Bartocci said. “We take recycled paper and water to produce new containers.”

The corrugated cardboard containers are better and stronger containers built with less water, using the most modern technology to make that happen, Bartocci said.

Bartocci was the guest of the Wapakoneta Rotary Club Monday, where he spoke about the city’s newest industry, showing a couple of locally produced videos and using a question and answer format to dispel any rumors that...

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