Plan works for fundraiser

A Wapakoneta man came in with a plan and with that plan he left with more than $200 in groceries and helped raise money for the Wapakoneta Kids Wrestling program.

Joe Metzger bought two tickets in a December fundraiser to help out the Wapakoneta Kids Wrestling program and won the chance to hit the aisles Saturday morning at Community Markets.

“I liked it,” Metzger said after his grocery dash. “I haven’t moved that fast in years.”

With the starting countdown winding down, Metzger decided to adhere to his pre-set plan.

“I wanted to get to the coffee aisle and then frozen foods followed by meats and dairy and just pick things up along the way,” Metzger said.

He followed his plan to a “T.” He ran to aisle 4 and picked up coffee and coffee creamer. At the back of the store, he picked up a frozen turkey and as he crossed the back he picked up Coke, toilet tissue and then hit the meats and dairy section as the 90-second clock ticked down.

When he was done he ended up with $240.34 and even raised another dollar for the organization by picking up an item with an instant coupon for a total bill of $239.34.

The 65-year-old grandfather revealed he bought the winning ticket off his grandson, Carter Shaner, who participates in the youth wrestling program.

On Saturday, he was met at the store by Trisha Copeland, who represented the Wapakoneta Kids Wrestling program and who followed taking a digital video of the event.

Copeland called the fundraiser a great success. Community Markets handles the printing and numbering of the tickets and all the group has to do is sell the tickets.

“It has been a very good fundraiser for us and it is fun,” Copeland said, noting they would like to make the fundraising event an annual event. “With the chance to pick up free groceries, people want to buy these tickets.”