Officials prepping to advertise for bids for terminal

Chelsea Luebrecht
Staff Writer

The Neil Armstrong Airport is working on preparations for a new bid date for its terminal project after no bids were received on the initial bid date in June.

“Nothing is scheduled yet,” Neil Armstrong Airport Manager Ted Bergstrom said. “But we're working on the newspaper advertisement so that should be coming fairly soon.”

There were a number of reasons for the lack of a bid, Bergstrom noted.

“It sounds like everyone's been pretty busy with contract work,” he said. “Liquidated damages were also one of the issues.”

Liquidated damages is an amount of money the contractor pays for every day they go past the set end date for a project.

“Ours was set at $4,000 per day,” he said. “So that was something that some were concerned about.”

Another was scheduling conflicts with some businesses, as well as a lack of availability of disenfranchised businesses.

“When you have a project through the Federal Aviation Administration, you have to involve disenfranchised businesses,” he said. “That means businesses that are run by a minority group. Around here...

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