Officials pleased with the 2018 county fair

Deb Zwez

Jack Hayzlett has his first fair as Auglaize County Fair Board secretary under his belt and said Sunday he thought the week went very well.

“Once we got past the weather in the first of the week we had great crowds in the evenings; I’m pretty satisfied,” he said, although he was quick to add, “There are definitely things we can improve on for next year, but the comments I’ve been hearing are all pretty positive.”

The 166th Auglaize County Fair ended its week-long run Saturday, a day that saw the finale of the Junior Fair sale and an evening that featured the Naked Karate Girls on the stage in the Entertainment Tent to round out the annual event.

Hayzlett said the big wheel race course was probably the most popular of the new attractions this year – until one of the big wheel tires got a hole in it Friday and was unusable through the remainder of the fair. He said the sports challenge wasn’t as popular as he thought it might be but he’s not ready to give up on that yet. The Warrior Course was another story.

“Thanks to the generosity of AAP, that course was free so there was a line almost all the time,” Hayzlett said. “I asked why it was so popular, and we thought maybe because it’s on TV and people follow it pretty closely.”

Issues Hayzlett said he and the board will deal with going forward include...

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