Museum takes closer look at 'First Man'

Greg Brown
Staff Writer

Neil Armstrong experts and staff at the Armstrong Air and Space Museum Brittany Venturella and Greg Brown spent Monday evening uncovering fact and fiction in the recently released biographical film 'First Man,' which recounts Armstrong's path to his first steps on the Moon.

And according to Venturella and Brown, it's not quite a documentary.

The pair of presenters detailed a number of small inaccuracies in the film, including some liberties taken in the pivotal Gemini VIII scene.

Brown, who was contacted about potentially serving as a technical consultant for the film, said that a few key details, including the launch scene, which inaccurately showed where the astronauts would have placed their hands–on the ejection-triggering "D Handle."

Those who have seen the film–or have visited the Museum–know that Armstrong's mission was cut short by...

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