Museum project features pavilion

Phase one of the new vision for the Armstrong Air and Space Museum grounds was put into place in September of 2011, with the placing of the new sign in front of the museum along I-75. Phase two is set to be completed by May 1.

According to museum Executive Director Chris Burton, phase two consists of the building of the Tranquility Base Picnic Pavilion, a new area where visitors and tour groups can enjoy their lunch before or after their museum visit.

“People are already doing this on their visit,” Burton said. “People are already bringing lunches with them and eating outside after they visit or before they come in the door.”

The goal of the new pavilion is to provide a more adequate number of picnic tables than what are already on the museum grounds, and to have a protective, covered area when weather may be inclement.

“Local people or passersby are already grabbing lunch at a drive-thru at one of the neighboring restaurants and bringing it over here and eating, so all we’re doing then is basically providing them with a better opportunity to do that,” he said.

For the full story, see the Monday, Feb. 3 edition of the Wapakoneta Daily News.