Museum hosts Astronaut Camp

Laura Koenig
Staff Writer

This week, the Armstrong Air and Space Museum is holding Astronaut Camp for 15 future astronauts, engineers and scientists in fifth through eighth grades.
The day camp provides activities such as building a rocket, operating a scale model rover, designing and robotics.
“I see them learning about space, engineering, basically your STEM, science and technology, but I also see them learning about job skills and maybe what they can do as a job in the future,” Director of Education and Programming Chris Moynihan said.
On Tuesday, the kids flew in an airplane at the Neil Armstrong Airport in New Knoxville. On Friday, families will have the chance to come out, eat pizza and watch the campers launch their rockets they built on Tuesday.
The camp has been held annually since 2011, including a day camp for second through fifth grades in June.
“The goal is to inspire kids for future space exploration,” Moynihan said.

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