Museum expansion speaks to the future

Deb Zwez

Chris Burton is inviting you to help him break ground for the future — well, him and a lot of people who are part of the Armstrong Museum’s planned $2.7 million expansion project.

Burton, director of the museum that bears the name of Wapakoneta native son and Astronaut Neil Armstrong, told Wapakoneta Rotarians Monday that the addition of space to build a new classroom area will not only help the museum stay connected to the community but will give them a plan for the future.

The museum was deemed a project while Armstrong was still in space, Burton reminded Rotarians, when then-Governor Jim Rhodes announced plans for the construction. The museum, which opened to visitors in1972, was made possible with state funds and with a large local appeal. Burton said he’s never seen the list of original contributors — “that list may exist but I’ve never seen it,” he said, and added that original campaign was the only time the museum sought local dollars for any project.

“Since that time the museum’s operated on its own,” Burton said, “without any real connection to the community.” And while that fact has plusses and minuses attached, moving forward he hopes to...

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