Mother-son team up to sell 'gravy' at market

Staff Writer

Saturday mornings for Marie Ferraro have certainly gotten more interesting.

Every week, Ferraro is camped out at the Wapakoneta Farmers' Market in Belcher Park, selling jars of her family's spaghetti sauce, made with a 100 year old recipe, originating from the Campania region of Naples, Italy.

But that wasn't always the case.

"My weeks are very busy, and I've got a lot of stuff to do, but Saturdays, I get a little bored," Ferraro said. "A friend went to [my son] and tells him, 'Your mother is bored on Saturdays,' so that's how this whole thing started."

Her son, Jim Ferraro, makes all of the sauce, a pretty big undertaking for the full-time FedEx driver.

"He works nights, he has to drive every night to Chicago, so he lets it percolate on Sunday night and then Monday morning he cans it and preserves it," Ferraro said. "It takes a while."

Then Ferraro simply volunteered to sell the sauce, or 'gravy,' as they call it. And there wasn't much more...

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