More closures ordered

Staff Writer

COLUMBUS, OH -- During his daily press briefing on the coronavirus (COVID-19) in the state of Ohio, Gov. Mike DeWine has ordered additional steps to limit the spread of the coronavirus.

DeWine ordered the closing of all but five DMV facilities in Ohio — 181 registar locations in total — by the end of the business. Five will remain open because those five are essential.

"The Bureau of Motor Vehicles has about a million people go through their doors throughout the state of Ohio each and every month," DeWine added. "That's an opportunity to slow this down.

"We should only be doing these things that are essential for the health and welfare of the people of the state."

Five DMV facilities will remain open to issue commercial drivers licensing in order to keep essential supplies moving throughout the state.

"All other services will be online or by mail of they will simply be paused," DeWIne said.

Fifty-two drivers examination stations will close as well.

DeWine added that he will be asking the state's General Assembly to grant a gave period for people who will not have a chance to renew their license. In the meantime, DeWine asking all law enforcement in the state and instructing the Ohio State Highway Patrol to not issue tickets for someone who has an expired license, which will be due from the fact that after today, motorists cannot get a renewal of their license.