Moms in jail get new help

Laura Koenig
Staff Writer

As part of Breastfeeding Awareness Month in August, Auglaize County Women, Infant and Children, or WIC, has partnered with the Auglaize County Correctional Facility to loan them a double electric pump for mothers at the facility.
“I’ve come to notice an increase of females booking into jail that are either pregnant or have just delivered,” Auglaize County Correctional Facility Chief Medical Officer Britney Jenkins said. “A lot of them are breastfeeding. I had no way of really helping them out in continuing the breastfeeding or weaning them off correctly.”
Jenkins explained most women are in the jail for drug or misdemeanor related crimes. One woman, who was in for a short time for a misdemeanor crime, was breastfeeding and the baby at home was not doing well on formula. Jenkins brought a hand pump and let her use it. She would store the milk and allow someone to pick it up for the baby.
After a while, the hand pump broke, and the mom and baby went through a hard time. When Jenkins had to stop by the health department, she decided to discuss the situation with WIC.
That’s when WIC Director Jenny Boroff contacted the state to see if they could collaborate with the jail and loan them a pump.
“We’re going to give them a few of the attachments,” Boroff said. “When they need attachments after these, they’re cheap enough that they could buy them out of their budget. We just wanted to get them started because it is about the baby being healthy.” . . .

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