Medical marijuana wins in poll

Dave Vorhees
Staff Writer

Medical marijuana became legal in Ohio in in 2016. Rules for applying for cultivator licenses were completed in May. The remainder of the rules โ€” for processing, testing and dispensing, are all due by Labor Day 2018. In the meantime, local communities may decide if they want to allow the cultivation, processing, testing and dispensing of medicinal marijuana within their limits. Villages like Botkins have already put ordinances in place to prohibit the cultivation, processing, testing and distribution of medicinal marijuana within in the village limits. Six townships in Auglaize County โ€” Duchouquet, Noble, St. Marys, Union, Washington and Wayne โ€” have also prohibited involvement within unincorporated areas. Other communities, like Waynesfield and Wapakoneta, have begun talking about the issue, but have yet to make any decisions.
To try and determine how the people from the city of Wapakoneta feel about medical marijuana and its future in the city The Wapakoneta Daily News put a poll on our website, with a link on our Facebook and Twitter pages, and asked the question "Do you think the city should allow the growth and sale of medicinal marijuana?" Of the possible three answers yes, no and other, the result of the poll was a resounding yes. With a total go 462 people voting by 8 a.m. Friday morning, 370 people, or 80%, voted yes while 90, or 19%, people voted no and two voted other. Comments were also made on the Facebook post . . .

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