Man killed by train in Botkins

Dave Vorhees
Staff Writer

On Sunday at 8:14 a.m. the Botkins Police department received a call about a male lying next to the railroad tracks. According to police it was CSX who called them and reported the body to be in the 1200 block of South Road. When police found the body it was actually located south of Edgewood Street inside the Village of Botkins.
The body was identified as Clint Walker, 39, of Amsterdam road in Shelby County. The police preliminary investigation reveals that Walker was hit by a southbound train. Police are unsure which train hit Walker or why he was on the tracks in the first place. Police do know that Walker was killed sometime after 10:27 p.m. Saturday night.
The Botkins Police Department are working closely with the Shelby County Sheriff's office and...

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