Local women advocating for marijuana rights

Staff Writer

April Nester and Sallie Cooper are hard at work trying to change the world.

The pair of local activists are out and about championing a proposed amendment to the Ohio Constitution, one which they believe will dramatically alter the lives of Ohioans–for the better.

The amendment, titled Marijuana Rights and Regulations, aims to end the prohibition of marijuana in the state.

But the movement is fast approaching their deadline to get the amendment on the November ballot.

In order to put the issue up to a vote, they'll need about 300,000 registered voters to sign the statewide petition by July 3.

To get the job done, Nester and Cooper are ramping up their efforts to get the word out about the initiative that both are extremely passionate about–a passion that derives from the wide ranging positive effects they expect to come from legalization of marijuana.

"I think a lot of people don't see how this impacts the state," Cooper said, "how this impacts the criminal justice system, how it impacts tax revenue, how it impacts social service organizations."

"It's a cost to the state, because first of all, you're housing another prisoner," Cooper continued, "and you're probably going to see the family go to job and family services because the breadwinner may be gone, so then you have the cost of that as well."

But it's not just the state and the taxpayer that...

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