Local florists gear up for the coming week

Valentine's Day is approaching quickly, and local florists have started preparing for the rush this coming Friday will bring.

Whether customers call ahead of time to place their order or walk in on Feb. 14, many things need to be done to sell arrangements, bouquets or glassware that people are interested in purchasing.

According to a couple of shop owners, the day of the week Valentine's Day falls on is one of the biggest factors to consider when prepping for the holiday.

Mick Haehn, owner and certified FTD master designer of Haehn Florist and Greenhouses, explained that if the holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday many couples will look toward going out to dinner or spending their money in other ways rather than purchasing flowers.

"If it's during the week the guys will a lot of times send it (flowers) to work and maybe do something later," Haehn said. "You get brownie points because you know if you get roses (at work) and she doesn't get roses I'm sure her husband hears about it later, "I didn't get roses at work, how come I didn't get roses at work."

For the full story, see the Saturday, Feb. 8 edition of the Wapakoneta Daily News.