Library adds hot spots for loan

Dave Vorhees
Staff Writer

For years now the Auglaize County Library has given the public free internet access. All you had to do was go down to your local library and hope a computer was free, or sign the list and wait for one to become available. However, with the help of a local franchise you can take the Internet home with you.
Thanks to the local Arby’s and franchise owner Scott Moell the library now offers mobile hot spots. If you’re unsure what a hot spot is, it’s a device the size of a deck of cards that uses satellite signals to connect to the Internet, much like a cellular phone does. It will connect to a device and give it Internet access anywhere there is a cellular signal. The hot spots are powered by Verizon and have an unlimited data package.
The library currently has 10 hot spots available but if the program becomes popular they hope to add more in the future.
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