LEGO League comes to local YMCA

Owen Becker, left, Adrian Hefner, center, and Griffin Block, right, discuss how to complete a challenge during the WMS LEGO League Team's weekly meeting at the Wapakoneta YMCA.
Staff Writer

With a little help from the Wapakoneta Family YMCA, some middle school students are turning LEGOs into a lot more than toys.

For the first time this year, a team of Wapakoneta Middle Schoolers will be taking part in LEGO League–a math, science, and robotics competition which challenges students to use LEGO robots to complete a set of tasks integrated into a table-top mat.

"The students have different challenges on the mat and they take those challenges and they are coding, programing the robot to complete those challenges," group advisor and WMS 7th grade math teacher Laura Folger said. "In one of the challenges, there's a cart, and they have to lift part of it to be able to maneuver it, so there are different tasks within that challenge that they have to program their robot to be able to do."

That part isn't new. Folger says they've...

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