Lake group reviews goals

Managing Editor

Members of the Lake Improvement Association heard the group's goals for 2018 during the organization's monthly meeting on Saturday.

The LIA's survey went out in December and netted nearly 400 responses, President Nick Rentz told members on Saturday.

"We had a tremendous, tremendous response," he said. "We got a lot of really good information."

Overall, the responses were positive, he said. He showed members graphs on the responses, such as where the responses wanted the LIA to focus on in 2018.

Rentz broke down the goals into five areas: Water quality, being more politically active, spreading the good news of Grand Lake St. Marys, improving amenities and reviving the channel aeration program.

"To continue to help improve the water quality in Grand Lake St. Marys (that's the) No. 1 goal," Rentz said. "That's something that we know obviously needs work but how does the Lake Improvement Association do that."

He referenced collaboration with other agencies and help fund water quality initiatives, such as grants and treatment trains. He stressed using the membership as a way to help because "there is such thing as strength in numbers."

"The next is be more politically active," Rentz said. "It was surprising how much people want us to reach out to lawmakers more."

To do that, he...

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