Judge pulls game access

Staff Writer

A Sidney man was sentenced to five years of community control, along with a rather unusual probation condition, for his actions during a high-speed pursuit in August.

Joshua R. Bell, 23, of Sidney, pleaded guilty to one count of fleeing and eluding, a third-degree felony, on Oct. 13. The charge was regarding a high-speed pursuit on Aug. 25 that began in St. Marys when a St. Marys police officer spotted him speeding on Indiana Avenue. Bell then eluded officers by driving at speeds over 100 mph, and he was later stopped by Sidney Police.

In addition to community control, Judge Frederick Pepple issued a probation condition that Bell have no access to any gaming device, including the internet, due to possible connections his gaming may have had with his offense.

When questioned about his income and how he spends his money, Bell admitted he spends around $1,000 a month on video games. Most of the games he plays are either shooter games or racing games, he noted. Pepple found this to be rather alarming.

Bell also said he has struggled with depression in his life and he is currently undergoing professional mental health treatment.

See Tuesday's paper for the full story.